职位:Management Consulting Intern


时长:4周,Rolling basis


 Job Description

  • Analyze client's industry raw data to recommend market entry and expansion strategies.
  • Develop data programs and business analytics dashboards based on client requirements and feedback.
  • Collaborate with directors and analysts to create formal client presentations and market/financial analysis.
  • Build data models and applications to help clients visualize and capture global business opportunities.
  • Analyze client and market data and generate insights using methods such as web scraping, heat mapping, quantitative modeling/analysis, and machine              learning.
  • Other tasks as needed by the project teams.
  • Assist our quantitative and finance modeling group in various client tasks, including the development of trading charts and predictive analysis.
  • Other tasks and requests as required by directors.
  • Working towards or holding an undergraduate or master' s degree.
  • Outstanding record of academic achievement.
  • Demonstrated aptitude for analytics.
  • Proven record of leadership in a work setting and/or through extracurricular activities.
  • Exceptional analytical and quantitative problem solving skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment. Ability to work effectively with people at all levels in an organization.
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively both verbally and in writing-in English and the local office language(s).




① 分析客户市场 / 行业原始数据,以得出有关市场渗透和扩展的结论

② 使用 Tableau,RMicrosoft BI 和各种软件工具创建数据分析仪表板

③ 使用定量和定性方法汇编并创建管理和客户演示文稿(白皮书,行业报告等)

④ 创建运营模型以帮助客户可视化成本/运营结构和商业机会

⑤ 协助管理项目流程和数据室,支持客户项目的尽职调查


职位:Business Analyst


时长:4 / 6 / 8 周


 Job Description

  • Define the retail/consumer/financial institutions problem through consultations, meetings and case studies.
  • Review and analyze information through different reports and researches.
  • Develop and present recommendations for the client.
  • Collect facts to build strategic recommendations.
  • Analyze industry trends through financial modeling and specialized literature research.
  • Create interactive dashboards using client data and platforms such as R and Tableau.
  • Use quantitative and qualitative research to create client presentation decks and model market trends.
  • Assist in due diligence as required by the client.
  • Form various marketing/operations/financial models to help the client uncover new cost efficiencies and revenue streams as wellasgauge their impact.
  • Miscellaneous tasks as needed by managers and directors.

纽约金融咨询公司,公司面向科技、零售、地产等行业,帮助客户在业务转型、业务扩张、投资以及撤出市场的环节中体公司必要的技术以及咨询支持,为客户提供估值、融资、 Transaction Advisory 以及风险评估咨询服务。数据分析实习生将协助完成 deals and modelling work,分析客户和市场数据,并使用 web scraping, heat mapping, 定量建模/分析, 以及 machine learning、等工具完成分析并给出建议。


职位:Healthcare Consulting Intern 


时长:4 / 6 / 8 周


 Job Description

  • Work on various projects with our healthcare and biotech clients, which includes conducting research on healthcare and biotech trends, creating analytical         dashboards on cost and revenue management as it relates to effective healthcare delivery, etc.
  • Assist our pharma clients in capturing opportunities and evaluating direct to patient clinical trial models.
  • Improve the interoperability of health information systems.
  • Develop pricing, access and customer engagement strategies that help position biotech products and research for maximum success.
  • Define commercialization strategy and life-cycle management plans for biopharma companies.
  • Collaborate with directors and analysts to create formal client presentations and analysis.
  • Other tasks as needed by the project teams.

这是一家位于旧金山专门从事数据分析的咨询公司。公司为客户提供数据分析服务和编程工具,行业覆盖很广泛,包括银行、医疗、制作业业以及商业服务行业等 。公司团队努力提供最佳和最全面的解决方案来满足客户的需求,包括开发用于优化流程的程序,还是预测下一次库存变动的机器学习 Machine Learning / 定量 Quantitative 模型。 




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